Sweet Seventeen Members

Okay, introducing to you members of the greatest girlband of this century 😀

  • Harumi Yamasihita / Shita (Hilma). 1 April, 90 lines.  She is the leader of this group. She’s a japanese but she has been lived in seoul since she was 5. She is wise and well-mannered, kind and sometimes she could be childish. She loves dancing.
  • Kim Woo Na / Woona (Farhanah). 21 June, 90 lines. Lead vocal. Her voice is truly clear. She loves singing and cooking. She could be very horrific once she got angry.
  • Park Hye Jin/ Hyejin. 15 august, 90 lines. Another main vocalist. She is extremely mysterious and seems like cold in every situation or every people she meets. She doesn’t talk too much. Emotionless, so it’s hard to guess what does she think.  She is bad in dancing.
  • Shin Je Hyun/ Jehyun (Afifah). 5 February, 91 lines. She is the lead rap and dancing. She just like a dancing machine of this group.  She is a little bit tomboy and speaks out frankly. She is very emotional and sometimes very understanding.
  • Lee Hye Ra/ Hyera (Dinda). 7 February, 91 lines. Lead dance and visual. Pinky freak. She is like Jehyun’s twin. Fashionista and shopaholic. She likes chocolate so much. She brought it everywhere she goes. She loves acting cute or aegyo.
  • Aimiko / Mikkie (Nidariah). 18 December, 92 lines. Main vocalist. She is a japanese too but different from Yamashita. She has been lived in seoul for one year but her korean is good.
  • Cho Ji Yoo / Jiyoo (Syifa). 29 December, 92 lines. She is the magnae. She is a graceful girl. She loves singing and she has a soft voice. She hates when people think that she is weak. So she wants to prove that she is not as weak as people thought.

Annndd…. Intoducing to you manager of this girlband

  • Han so / Hanso (irni). She is a newbie manager. So she’s very frustrated when SM pointed her to take care of the new girlband by herself. Sometimes she tried to be a grumpy manager so members would do what she said. However, she is kind and has a lot of positive energy.

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