About Me

Nothing much to say about me. I’m just an ordinary girl.

4 years ago I made this blog. I expected nothing but to share my simple work of fanfiction. So, here it goes. I haven’t changed a lot since then. It was just my formal education raising up. I entered midwifery academy in different city from my home. It was hard to live without my mother. And it was even harder because the study as i have to major in anatomy, microbiology, and everything related to a pregnant women and its baby. But I have to survive somehow. I still watching K-dramas (my mom will kill me if she knew), listening to K-pop and of course writing fanfict (not as often as before and I can’t publish it regularly).

I know that from now on I have to work harder for my studies as it is getting complicated each day. But I need something to motivate me, to keep me waking up each morning and go to the campus (which is the hardest thing right now), to keep me sane in the midst of these crazy assignment and clinical activities, to keep me alive.

That’s all. My short introduction mixed with a little complain.

Keep your chin up and smile a lot.




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