Guitar String : First Impression… a Table?!


It was a usual morning for Choi Han. She walked into the school with headphone on her ears. Another students walked past her with a bright mood, full of energy as it was the first day of the new semester. Some of them talked about how good their holiday was, while the other cried about their horrible one. The girls were hugging each other saying they missed their friends so much. It was a cheerful morning in Haneul High. Everybody was happy and less depressed. Except for one person, Choi Han. She assumed that it was stupid to attend school in the cold winter day, but she came anyway. Didn’t want to hear her mother nagging all day.


Han put on flat expression as she walked the stairs to the third floor, where her new class was at. Her black long hair shining, reflecting the morning sunlight from the windows. Her backpack shaking as she took each steps. She didn’t bring a lot of stuffs though. Her slightly small uniform caused some boys glaring at her figure. No wonder, she has an ideal proportion for a girl in second year of high school.


She entered a class labeled 2-A through the back door. She scanned the room with her eyes. Eight or ten students were there, doing their own stuffs. She found a good spot. The second row from the back, near the window, perfect to not get noticed by the teachers. She smiled a little and walked straight to the table. When she was about to take off her bag, a boy sat on the chair and put his bag on the table.


She stared at him in disbelief. She took off her headphone and approached the boy. Her head was busy picking up some harsh words to yell at him. But when she stood in front of him, she gasped as their eyes met each other.




Cha Hun walked past the school gate with his friend, Jae Hyun beside him. He was relieved that holiday is over. He didn’t have to be a waiter at their family’s restaurant anymore. His mother wouldn’t allow his father bossing him around at school days, so he could be practicing with his band until late at night.


Some people greeted him on his way to class. He stopped several times just to have small talk with people from his former class. Cha Hun socialized well with another boys in school. Especially those who he played soccer with. He also popular amongst girls students, thanks to his look. But because of his cold attitude towards girls, none of them brave enough to approach him. There was a rumor that he doesn’t like girls, but some of them denied it because they’ve seen Hun in a café with an older woman. That’s why the rumor about him was never heard again.


“Good morning Hun.” A girl waved at him when he was stepping the first stair.


He looked at her for a second then continue walking up the stairs.


“She’s cute though. At least wave back at her.” Jae Hyun was catching up with Hun’s fast steps.


“Why should I? I didn’t know her. Are you expecting me to wave at stranger?”


“It’s not like that. You always being like this at girls. Always full on guard mode. Try to loose up a bit.” Jae Hyun was taking a step ahead from Hun. He was facing Hun, walking backwards. “Aren’t gay, are you?” said him with serious face.


“Oh shut up already.” Hun kicked Jae Hyun’s leg.


“Chill out, man.” He avoided Hun’s kick. “Okay, I suppose this would be the end of our journey together.” He said with news anchor’s voice, stopped in front of a class.


“Gosh, we are only two rooms apart.” Hun walked past him, who was laughing then getting into the room.


He entered class 2-A through its front door, welcomed by some students who were already there. He searched for an empty table, decided to take the fourth row near the windows. As he walked there, he saw a girl who just entered the room and walking to the table he had chosen. He moved as fast as light to sit there calmly. He was searching for a good teasing phrase to throw at the girl. But when those brown eyes looking at him, his mouth couldn’t form any language.




Han took a deep sigh. She snapped out from his eyes. “Hey, I was seeing this table first, okay?” she put her hand on the table.


“So what? I sat here first.”a Hun replied coldly.


“You can move anywhere else. There are still a lot of empty spot anyway.” Her hand gesturing around the room.


“Ha. Since you are still standing up, why don’t you, yourself, search for another empty seat?” Hun lean forward.


Han clenched her teeth. “Why don’t you stand up and move from here? Is it so hard to do?”


“Why should I? This is my favorite spot and I sat here first.”


“This is mine too and I saw it first.”


“Who cares?” Hun hit the table with his hands.


“Well, I care!” Han also hit the table with his hands.


“You two! Why don’t you stop fighting over a little thing like kids? You could just use another table. It’s still the same though.” Said a boy in front of class, Ilhoon, the class president.


“No, it’s not!” They yelled almost exactly at the same time.


Han saw another students watching them in silence. She bit her bottom lip in worry. Hun was slowly covering his mouth with his hand.


“Alright, since I’m not a kid, I will just sit there.” Han walked to the table next to Hun’s.


“No. I’m not a kid either. You sit here. I’ll move there.” Hun stood up and was going to walk to the table beside him.


Han reached out her hand. “I said I’ll sit here. Just stay there, okay.”


“I’m giving this table to you so I’ll sit there instead.” Hun pointed his finger out at her.


“I said no! You could have that table. What’s with you?” Han frowned at him.


“I said I’ll move! Okay?!”


“You guys stop!” Ilhoon yelled. He took Han’s bag and put it on the first table. Then he grabbed Hun’s bag and put it on the table behind Han’s. “You guys really are kids. Oh, I don’t believe that I’m mediating two high school students who fight over a seat.” He grumped while walking away from them. The whole class turning away while shaking their head off.


They looked at each other awkwardly. Han sat on her seat first. Hun walked to the back and sat there quietly. They didn’t say anything until the bell rang and the teacher came in.




There were still a lot of time until lunch time is over. Han was walking to the class. She just had her lunch and going to wait for the next lesson in the class. She almost reached her class when Cha Hun came out from the door. She was going to avoid him but their eyes already met.


“S..sorry about this morning. I didn’t realize that I behaved like a kid. I just, liked the spot so much.” She said when Hun was in front of her.


“It’s okay. Well, I’m going first.” He walked away quickly.

Her heels turned around. “He really is annoying, isn’t he? I’m just trying to be nice!” Said her with loud voice everyone turned her way. She stared at his back. “If it was not you, I’ll never do that super-silly thing with anyone else, ever. But it was you, Hun. I’d do anything.” She whispered to the air.




Hun shook his head. He didn’t believe that he argued with that girl, over a damn table.


He didn’t know all the girls in this school, but it was his first time seeing her. He wondered why he felt nervous when she looked into his eyes this morning.


“You don’t eat that? Give it to me.” Jae Hyun took the fried egg from Hun’s plate.


“Jae Hyun-ah, do you know the girl named Choi Han?”


“Choi Han what?”


“Just Choi Han.”


“Oh, her name resembles yours. Han, Hun. Wow, it’s fascinating.”


“Do you know her or not?”


Jae Hyun was thinking for a while. “I think I know her. She was from class 1-A. But not too popular though. If I’m not mistaken, now she is in the same class with you right? Why are you asking about girl all of sudden? Did something happen between you two?” Jae Hyun stick out his nose.


“Nope. Just asking.” Hun was eating up his rice.


Jae Hyun couldn’t stop annoy Hun about this girl he asked about. While Hun still searching for the answer about why she seemed different.




~To be continued~


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