End of Their Friendship [English]

end of their friendship

Starring: Taemin, Sulli. (Minho and Krystal as cameo)

Type: Short story (684 words)

this is my first ff using English. so, i’m sorry if there’s some error grammar. *bow*

Summary: “Love is what I’ve been feeling for you since the first day we meet..”

“Sulli, what’s going on? You look so messy.” Taemin sit on the garden chair beside Sulli, his best friend since they’re in the kindergarten. Sulli opens her mouth and takes a long breathe. Her hands shore her cheeks up. She ignores Taemin although just before she called Taemin to come to the garden near their houses.

“what is it.. you ignore me? Come on, you called me during my busy time and now you just ignore me like this?” says Taemin, pretending mad.

“what what what ??? I hear you Taem..” She raises her head and leans on the chair. “and, I don’t look messy. I don’t ignore you, I just thinking, can’t you differentiate that? And, you are busy??? Oh come on, what makes you so busy at this time of holiday???” she starts grumbling.

Taemin laughs. “calm Sulli. You’ll be a good rapper if you always talking so fast like that. Me? I’m in a project of drawing new design for my sister’s shop. So I’m busy enough to meet you here, not like you that have nothing to do beside texting, chatting or calling your prince Minho.”

“yeah, as you say Mr. Busy..” Sulli folds her T-shirt arms. “but I’m not with the prince anymore. We broke up last night.” Sulli looks at Taemin who gives her a weird stare. “that’s why I called you here.. sorry Mr. Busy..”

“wait, first I want ask you. Why do you tell me just now? I’m free at night, you could call me last night. At least you should tell me sooner, we’re friend, right??”

“I think you’ll ask why do we break up..” Sulli smiles. “last night I was busy for handling my tears, you know. I don’t even want to look into my phone because I’ll see his picture on its wallpaper. I asked my sister to change it early this morning.” Sulli shows his phone wallpaper that their picture on it.

“tsk, you crying big baby..” Taemin smirks then laughs a little. “soo,,, why do you break up?” He asks slowly.

Sulli takes another long breathe again. “He makes up with his ex-gf, Krystal. You know her, right? He told me sorry and said that I deserve to get a nicer man than him. He just playing me around, Taem. Haha.. I’m so stupid for believing his words. I even believed his ‘love’ word after texting or calling me. Love, he doesn’t mean it.” Sulli laughs, makes her eyes looks like a pair of lines.

“Hwaa.. he’s really,,,,” Then Taemin smiles. “it’s good to know that you are all right..” He whispers. “Sulli, you’ve dated several guys before but do you know what is the meaning of ‘Love’?”

Sulli stays quiet for a while. Looks like she’s thinking for something big.

“Sulli? Can’t you answer it?” he asks again. Just want to put her down. “just give up then,,” he laughs. “seems that your dates not really success and you must—“

“Love is what I feel for you these days whenever I see you, see your smile, see your picture, hear your voice even when I’m thinking of you.” Sulli gives an awkward smile. “that’s all what I’ve got..”

“no. You’re wrong Sulli.” Taemin smiles after hiding his surprised expression. “Love is what I’ve been feeling for you since the first day we meet. When we are five. And it’s stand still until now.”

Sulli laughs. Touches her hair and tidiest if with her fingers. “stop kidding me. I feel stupid enough to say that first, you know.”

“who’s kidding anyway? I’m serious. I never be so serious like this before. If you wait a little bit sooner it must be me saying that first to you. Really.”

Sulli gives her wide smile and jokes around Taemin. And they look very happy knowing they don’t need to hide their feelings in front of each other anymore. That is it, not important how long you’ve been waiting, if that person belongs to be with you, he or she will come to you without you have to ask him or her first.




i’m sorry,,,,, this is so lame, isn’t it?

ppfff… still not sure why did i make this. but at least, i hope your comment 🙂


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